Tony Jones and Jessica Jones
Hearing Into The Future

Jessica Jones

Leader Jessica Jones plays tenor saxophone and piano and composes most of the band’s music and has worked with Joseph Jarman, Cecil Taylor, Steve Coleman, Don Cherry, and Peter Apfelbaum; as well as a variety of Haitian, Caribbean and African bands. These influences helped form her compositional direction which is grounded in the jazz tradition and, as is truly traditional in jazz, reaches for new directions and a unique sound. Aside from working and recording with the Jessica Jones Quartet, Jessica is active as a sideman. In addition to the Quartet recordings, Jessica’s discography includes:

  • Multikulti–Don Cherry–A&M Records
  • It Is Written–Peter Apfelbaum–ACT Records
  • Lifetime Visions–Joseph Jarman–Bopbuda Records
  • Marco Enedi-Glenn–Spearman Creative Orchestra Music and Arts

Festivals as a sideman include:

  • Vision Festival, NYC—Joseph Jarman Sextet, Lifetime Visions Orchestra and Joseph Jarman Quintet
  • Nancy (France) Jazz Festival Lifetime Visions and the Orchestra
  • Chicago Jazz Festival–Joseph Jarman, Leroy Jenkins, Myra Melford

Jessica has begun incorporating spoken word artists as well as the lush vocal stylings of daughter Candace Jones into her compositions,finding great inspiration in the textures of new collaborations.

Tony Jones

The quartet also features the tenor sax and compositions of Tony Jones, who has collaborated with Peter Apfelbaum in musical groups since they were fourteen years old, including the seminal Berkeley Free Jazz Unit, a precursor to the New York Hieroglyphics Ensemble. In addition, Tony has worked with Joseph Jarman, Muhal Richard Abrams, Cecil Taylor, Idris Ackamoor, and Don Cherry.

In addition to the Quartet recordings, Tony’s discography includes:

  • Multikulti–Don Cherry–A&M Records
  • It Is Written–Peter Apfelbaum–ACT Records
  • Signs of Life–Peter Apfelbaum–Antilles/Polygram
  • Jodoji Brightness–Peter Apfelbaum–Antilles/Polygram
  • Pillars–Peter Apfelbaum–Independent Release
  • Up and Down Club Sessions–Josh Jones–Prawn Song

Festivals as a sideman include: 

  • Berkeley Jazz Festival–Hieroglyphics Ensemble
  • Leiverkusen Jazz Festival–Peter Apfelbaum–Hieroglyphics Ensemble
  • Vision Festival, NYC–Joseph Jarman Lifetime Visions Orchestra
  • Nancy (France) Jazz Festival–Joseph Jarman Lifetime Visions Orchestra
Tony Jones and Jessica Jones "Hearing Into The Future"

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